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Pentecost Sunday Worship


If you are in the area, please come and worship with us at First Baptist Church, of Hudson on Sunday, May 24th—as we celebrate the birthday of the church—Pentecost.

Pentecost is about the powerful assurance of God’s presence in the life of the church—to give us power, energy, passion and purpose.

On that first Pentecost morning, the disciples and other believers were gathered in an upper room. They were told to wait and pray for the Holy Spirit—for the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit to come upon them. So the disciples waited and prayed. Suddenly, the powerful, invisible, and moving Spirit of God filled the room—and there were like tongues of fire on each of them.

Pentecost is also about the Holy Spirit filling Jesus’ followers and they began speaking about “God’s deeds of power” in other languages, which people visiting Jerusalem from regions all around recognized as their native tongues. On the first day of Pentecost 2000 years ago, there were many different languages spoken.

We at First Baptist Church of Hudson are blessed to have members who speak in different tongues. So, on Pentecost Sunday, in our worship service, we will read the word of God is many tongues: Ao/Naga, French, German, Marshalles, Spanish—and BIBLICAL HEBREW.

As we do this, we will gather to wait and pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit once again—to give a new sense of mission, new purpose, new vision—and to be reminded that the message of Christ is to go into the entire world, into all the languages of the world, into all the nationalities in the world.

Readings for Pentecost Worship:

John 15: 26-27:

  1. «Celui qui doit vous venir en aide viendra: c’est l’Esprit de vérité qui vient du Père. Je vous l’enverrai de la part du Père et il me rendra témoignage. 27. Aber auch ihr zeugt, weil ihr von Anfang an bei mir seid.

Act 2:1-4:

  1. When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. 2. aser aoksa dang kotak nungi mopung tesashi aonba ama ola aru, aser iba jagi parnok mena alidak ki ajak asüng. 3. Im rar lo ko im rellon, im  eiier wot  wurur, rar weaktok non iber, im jok ioir otemjej. 4. Todos fueron llenos del Espíritu Santo y comenzaron a hablar en distintas lenguas, como el Espíritu les daba que hablasen.

Exodus 23:16

Hebrew Reading

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