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1850 Mason and Hamlin Reed Organ


The very first organ used by our church is now part of the collection at the Hudson Historical Society in the Hills House on Derry Road.  Pictured below, this Mason and Hamlin reed organ dates to the mid 1850’s when it was purchased by the church and played by Dr. David O. Smith.  He played this instrument until 1888 when he donated our current Woodbury and Harris tracker organ to the church.  For years this reed organ remained in the church vestry and ultimately went into a state of disrepair.  In the late 1960’s the church gave the organ to Leighton Drown as a ‘thank you’ for the restoration work he had done on the church and parsonage.  Leighton removed the organ to the Drown family home on Bruce Street; spending time over the next several years restoring and repairing the organ.   In 2007, Mrs. Drown (Jo) donated the organ to the Historical Society.  The exterior of this organ is in excellent condition thanks to the wood restoration efforts of Mr. Drown. The interior is in need of repair and restoration.  The Society has a goal of restoring this and one other organ in its collection to playing condition.

CIMG0560 comp

Local authors, Shawn and Laurie Jasper, and Arcadia Publishing have recently published Legendary Locals of Hudson. This book is about the people and families in town who are or have been legends in our town. The Society has a number of copies of this book for sale. All proceeds from this sale will go towards the organ restoration.

You have an opportunity to help with this project by purchasing your copy of Legendary Locals of Hudson from the Historical Society.  The cost is $22.00 per book and ALL proceeds from books purchased from the Society will go towards the renovation of these organs.  A goal of $6,500 has been set to restore these two organs. Contact Ruth Parker (RuthMPark@AOL.COM or 882-7506) if you wish to purchase a book.

Also, on Sunday afternoon May 3, from 2-4 PM there will be an Open House at the Hills House at 211 Derry Road, at which time you can meet the authors and visit with some of the legendary locals of our town.

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