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Appealing to the iGeneration

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The Adult Sunday school class is studying the book of Acts, based on Greg Laurie’s Upside Down Living:  A Template for Changing Ourselves and the World. One of the chapters talks about reaching the “iGeneration.”

Because of the unbelievable and unlimited technological resources at our disposal to communicate—they have completely taken over our young people’s lives.  They can Facetime, Skype, Twit, SnapChat, Instagram with anybody anywhere in the world.

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And so, they do not find the need to go to church, or it to be an appealing place. But nothing can ever replace the power of being together in the presence of each other and with the Lord.

We all recognized the urgent need and the importance of making the church appealing for the young people to stick around. In order to help make them more comfortable we feel the need to make some fun activities available for them.

As such, we plan to purchase the following items and place them in Memorial Hall:

  1. Foosball Table
  2. Ping Pong Table Set
  3. Air Hockey
  4. Board Games

If you are so moved to provide and/or fund any of the above please contact Pastor Moa.

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