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Recycle With A Purpose – Help Someone In Need!



Many, in the FBC family, are aware of a couple in our church who is struggling financially. More specifically he, who attends our Worship Service most Sundays, received a work-related injury several months ago rendering him unable to work.

Being unable to work brings 2 forms of hardship:

  1. Financial (the obvious)
  2. Psychological (desiring, but difficult, to be productive)

We have assisted this couple via the Food Pantry and Helping Hand Fund, which helps with the 1st hardship (financial).

In recently speaking with this gentleman, something new was learned…In his quest to “do what he can” for his family, he saves all his aluminum cans and, when he has a bulk load, brings them to a junk yard who pays him by the pound for these cans.

Light bulb goes off – A form of ministry is born.

Instead of leaving our empty aluminum cans at the curb for pickup by the town, we can give them to someone in need. This will help to address BOTH hardships:

  • Ease a financial burden
  • Provides him something productive to do. That is, he is required to crush the cans (he has a can crusher) to maximize the number of cans he can bring during each trip to the junk yard.

Let’s keep it real simple, for those who would like to contribute…

Simply bring your empty aluminum cans to church on Sunday, in a non-leaking plastic trash bag. Place the bag(s) at the drop spot. The drop spot is underneath the metal stairs, on the side of the church, behind the mailboxes. The person who will benefit from these cans will pick them up each Sunday.


A few notes to reinforce, to ensure we don’t create an unsightly mess.

  • ONLY bring bags of aluminum cans on Sunday
  • Place bags at the drop spot BEFORE Worship Service
  • Do NOT bring bags into the Church
  • Place ONLY in the drop spot, to minimize exposure from the street
  • Please make sure the aluminum cans are in a non-leaking plastic bag

That’s it! Recycle with a Purpose – Help Someone In Need!

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