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Get to Know “Our” Website – A Contest!


Our new website contains TONS of information “about us” which helps to promote effective communications in our church and to our community. In addition, it provides many resources to assist us all in our Christian Walk!

To that end, we are launching a contest: “Get to Know Our Website.” The purpose: to promote awareness of our website and provide an opportunity for each of us to learn a few “new” things about our church. And, there are prizes:


  • Second Place: A Lowe’s or iTunes gift card – $25 (choice of the winner)
  • Third Place: A Lowe’s or iTunes gift card – $10 (choice of the winner)

Who can “play”?

  • Members and friends of our church.
  • Contest judges (Mike Ledoux, Pastor Scott Secrest and Craig Bailey) and immediate family members cannot participate 😦

How it works:

  • Click here to go to the page with the contest questionnaire containing 12 questions which are “easily” answered on our website (if you “dig”). Contest closes at midnight Friday (May 2).
    • Note: A password is required (same as used to access our newsletter).
  • Judges will review responses and determine the 3 winners based on:
    • Accuracy of answers
    • Timeliness of response – If more than 1 person gets the same number of answers correct, the one submitting their response first wins.
  • Winners will be announced next Sunday (May 4).
  • Prizes must be picked up at church prior to or immediately following worship service.
  • Any prizes remaining unclaimed after 2 Sundays will be awarded to the person who comes in 4th place. The judges will “consider” exceptions to this rule (i.e., local shut-ins, illness, travel).
  • No purchase necessary. Offer is void where prohibited by law 🙂

So, don’t delay! Click here to complete the contest questionnaire now!

If you are a member or friend of our church and did not receive the email notification regarding our latest newsletter, and would like to participate in this contest (as well as receive future notifications from our church via email) please visit our Contact Us page and complete the form at the bottom. Once confirmed as a member or friend of our church the password will be emailed to you.

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