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Recordings and Tools

                   Recordings of Our Services

 Video Recordings of our more recent  services are available.  Click on the sermon title. 

       February 4, 2021  “God is Still at Work”  

       February 14, 2021 “A Double Portion of the Spirit”

      February 21, 2021 “Spiritual GPS” 

       February 28, 2021  “Discipleship on the Cross” 

       March 7, 2021  “The Cleansing of the Temple”

         March 14, 2021 “Obeying God’s Laws”

         March 21, 2021 “Promise-Maker” 

         March 28, 2021 “Donkey Sunday

          April 4, 2021  “Do Not Be Afraid”  (Easter)

           April 11, 2021 “The Resurrection of Jesus and the Old Testament”

           April 18, 2021  “What Can We Learn from Thomas”

            April25, 2021 “Our Shephard” 

             May 2, 2021 “Bearing Much Fruit” 

              May 9, 2021 “Biblical Women” 

                May 16, 2021 “Time to Get Back to the Work of Witnessing”

  This page offers tools (websites, apps, recommended readings, etc.) to assist us all in our Christian walk

Recommended Websites and Resources:

Bible Gateway – The Bible (and so much more) online!

Bible app – You Version, which serves up daily scripture passages on your smartphone.

We recommend Church Motion Backgrounds by Motion Worship, which is used to animate content presented during our worship services.

KaelumWay – Some GREAT Christian Rock Music from a local band – The webmaster’s 2 favorite songs are: You Are Loved and Overthrow. If you like rock music you’ll love these!

Recommended Readings:

download (12) download41025OhoabL._AA160_download (1)

Please let us know if you have any recommended tools that others could benefit from.

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