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Lent Daily Devotionals

Lent season for 2023 began on Wednesday February 22. Lent is a yearly time of reflection, repentance, and fasting before the celebration of the power of the Resurrection. During this time we remember how our Savior resisted temptation from the devil while crossing the desert for 40 days.

To prepare ourselves for this Lent Season, I will be sending a Lent Daily Devotion for each day beginning today. You may use it for your daily devotion.

Pastor Moa Imchen

Apr 1

Mar 31

Mar 30 Multiply Your Love

Mar 29 Graves Wide Open

Mar 28 Chosen, Called, Equipped

Mar 27 With us Every Step

Mar 26 Multiply Your Growth

Mar 25 Multiply Your Pursuit of Righteousness

Mar 24 Let Us Worship

Mar 23 Jesus: The Solution, Not A Substitute

Mar 22 Multiply Your Belief in God

Mar 21 Multiply in Your Assignment

Mar 20 Multiply Your Requests

Mar 19 Multiply your Intentionality

Day 25 Mar 18 Multiply on Purpose

Day 24 Mar 17 Multiply Your Giving

Day 23 Mar 16 Multiply Your Expectations

Day 22 Mar 15 Multiply His Glory

Day 21 Mar 14 Multiply Your Praise

Day 20 Mar 13 Multiply Your Joy

Day 19 Mar 12 Multiply Your Commitment to Your Word

Day 18 Mar 11 Multiply Your Submission to God

Day 17 Mar 10 Multiply The ‘Little” You Have

Day 16 Mar 9 Ask God For Help

Day 15 Mar 8 Multiply Your Wisdom

Day 14 Mar 7 Multiply In The Process

Day 13 Mar 6 Great and Mighty Things

Day 12 Mar 5 Fear and Rebirth

Day 11 Mar 4 Multiply Your Faithfulness

Day 10 Mar 3 Multiply Your Persistence

Day 9 Mar 2 Much More Surely

Day 8 Mar 1 Examine the Intentions of Your Heart

Day 7 Feb 28 Multiply Your Hope

Day 6 Feb 27 Monday Psalm 32

Day 5 Feb 26 Sunday

Day 4 Feb 25 Saturday Pursuing God

Day 3 Feb 24 Friday Multiply Your Contribution

Day 2 Feb 23 Thursday Reconciling

Day 1 Feb 22 Wednesday Repairers and Restorers

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