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Event Photos

The First Baptist Church of Hudson, NH, is a vibrant and active church with frequent events designed for Christian fellowship and fun.

This page shares photos from recent events. We hope you are inclined to join us!

To zoom in on most photos, simply click on it…

Children’s Day – 6/14/2015

Performance by the C.O.O.L. Kids



Pastor Moa sharing announcements.

cwvDm9asA_Lw9YsGTQNy8vW7Zxw (1)

Scripture Reading by Sanen Imchen

cwvDm9asA_Lw9YsGTQNy8vW7Zxw (2)

Recognition of Sunday School Teachers and Students

cwvDm9asA_Lw9YsGTQNy8vW7Zxw (3)

A prayer and congratulations for our graduates!

cwvDm9asA_Lw9YsGTQNy8vW7Zxw (4)

Closing Praise and Worship Music


Youth Leading Worship

Youth Fellowship in Worship 5 Youth Fellowship in Worship 2 Youth Fellowship in Worship 8

Summer of 2014 Survivor Event – Details of this event are available by clicking here.

Survivorcollage1 (1)Survivorcollage2 (1)

Minute To Win It – Game Night!


Men At Work – Church Yard Cleanup

Church Cleanup 3

Game Night

Game 12Game 10 Game 21 Game 13Game Night 4

Old Home Days

Old Home Days 11 Old Home Days 10 Old Home Days 7

Sunday School Rally Day – Sept 2014

Sunday School Rally 14 Sunday School Rally 7 Sunday School Rally 5

Pastor Moa Imchen’s Service of Installation

Installation 5 Installation 10 Installation 17 Installation 16 Installation 15 Installation 14 Installation 13 Installation 12 Installation 11 Installation 21 Installation 20

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