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When I Write I Don’t Itch


I wrote this article on my personal blog site and thought our church family would enjoy 🙂

Hope you have a great day!

Be Brave Not Safe

Have you ever been infected by poison ivy?

Anyone who is allergic and has come into contact, surely remembers the experience 🙂

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I’ve been infected a few times in my life, with only minor irritation.

This time, however, it would seem that I must have rolled around in it. The source is not entirely clear. I must have come into contact with it a couple weekends ago, as we were cleaning up our yard and putting down over 150 bags of mulch.

A few days later it began. And, over the course of the following week the rash continued to spread.

The itching is difficult to get your mind off, UNLESS you are fully engrossed in an activity you truly love.

That was the case several days ago, for me…

The day began with “the itch.” I then began writing, cranking out 3-4 blog posts over the course of a few hours. During that time…

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