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Survivor – 2015



What: Survivor Party “Four for Four” 

When: Saturday, July 25th

Where: 283 Rolfe Pond Drive, Hopkinton, NH 

Who: You, your family and/or guest

Some things never change…….

The day will start at 11:00AM and end by the fire pit at Tribal Council. Bring your bathing suit, (you will get wet), old sneakers, sunscreen, bug-spray, towels and anything else you feel will help you survive.

We are looking forward to fielding 4 “tribes” who will experience some of our most popular challenges of the past in addition to some BRAND NEW challenges!!!

As always, in order to keep your strength and morale at peak, a culture-filled barbecue loaded with exotic foods only found in the remote Rolfe Pond area will be served mid-day.

Please RSVP to Terry and Bruce Mostrom by either email ( tamostrom@gmail.com ), calling 603-566-7345, or signing up on the sign-up sheets in the church sanctuary by July 12th. Make sure you let us know who will be playing and who will be a spectator!

This is a “rain or shine” event! Don’t be a wimp!

Get ready to Outwit, Outplay, Outlast and Outparty!

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